The three tenets provide a basis for the Jedi mindset. They are the basic underlying motives at the base of all the other sections of the doctrine, and from them all the other elements follow.

Focus is an essential element of both study, and of meditation. By focusing our attention, we can cut to the heart of any matter without distraction. We move towards the object of our attention without procrastination, delay or hesitation. Focus allows the Jedi insight into the deepest levels of reality, which are usually obscured by conceptual information or distractions of perceptual reality.

Knowledge is the content of our studies – the lexical level of the information we absorb and go through life absorbing. This includes our own personal histories and the stories and paths which led us to this point in our lives, as well as all the reading and listening Jedi undertake to broaden their horizons, expand their minds, and develop on a spiritual level.

We can learn the techniques and practical methods of study, of discourse and of meditation. Thus focus leads to knowledge, and knowledge also leads to focus.

Wisdom, however, is the synthesis of the two. Where Knowledge is lexical in nature, Wisdom is the underlying semantic meaning of the focus and study; it is through focused study that we come to wisdom. As I mentioned above, study to acquire knowledge needn’t be pure book learning, nor sitting listening to lectures; study is a mindset we approach life with, which alongside focus allows us to perceive the truth in things (with practice), and from this we reach Wisdom.

Wisdom is the most profound level of insight. It is achieved through understanding, rather than simple parrot learning. Wisdom gives us the strength to act because it allows us to understand our actions, and their effects ahead of time. Wisdom allows us to follow a path of acquiring Knowledge, because we have the wisdom that study broadens our minds. It reveals the benefit of Focus, and gives us a reason to focus which in turn drives us to focus more closely on the truly important elements of reality.

The three elements are interrelated, and understood correctly each one can lead to the other two. I suggest every Jedi comes to the path with an element of all these three already; the wisdom to want to understand reality at a deeper level; the knowledge that the Temple can provide information to increase our understanding of this deeper layer of the universe; and the focus to devote themselves to study and reflection in order to expand their knowledge and wisdom.