As some of you will know, I’m quite keen to become apprenticed to a knight and continue my training with a teacher/mentor/partner. Well, tonight someone approached me to see what I’d think about becoming their apprentice.

The truth is unfortunately, I don’t think we’d be the best match. He’s a great guy, a wise and stout knight. Honestly he’d make someone a wonderful master… just not me. The truth is I just don’t think we have enough in common for it to be a good match, unlike some others at the Temple.

It’s awkward to let someone you respect down, but I hope I have done so whilst showing him that respect. As I said to him, I only get to be an apprentice once. I need to be sure I’m going to be tested, and that the “fit” is right.

I was advised by several Knights not to accept the first offer I got unless it felt right, and in truth this wasn’t even close to an offer as such… but even so, much better to be honest up front. It does feel strange to decline such a flattering interest, especially when it’s something I want.

In time, the Force will provide.