Meditation last night was… interesting. I found myself experiencing a range of visual things, which isn’t something I’ve ever really had before. I expect it was because I was very tired, ha ha! Probably also because I’d missed a couple of nights, after 15 nights meditating in a row.

For most of the ten minutes (I know, quite short still) I was in my usual basic meditation mode, focusing on my breath. I tend to sigh the breath, both in and out, for about the first 5 minutes. I find this brings me into a state of deep relaxation, and works as a really noticeable contrast to the silence which follows, when I just breath freely.

Once I made this switch last night, I became aware of my cat sitting on the arm of the sofa beside me. His body to my right formed a shape in my mind, kind of a scratchy scribbly blue ball like a child’s drawing of a cloud or bush or something, all movement, whirring and turning in time to his gentle purrs. I don’t think this was any more than a subconscious visualisation based on the fact I knew he was there, but I allowed my attention to rest on it for a while.

Shortly afterwards, an image of the Milky Way as seen in this video came into my mind… turning silently overhead. My head started to slip back… back… until after a minute or so’s movement my head was looking straight up, watching the stars and the rest of the galaxy drift across the imagined sky. After I reached the “zenith”, I let my head sink back down, then… ping! The bell sounded, and I brought myself back to the room.

So far my experiences of meditation have been based solely around blankness – a state of non-being more than experiencing visualisations, beyond perhaps a slightly conscious one I sometimes use, of thoughts like clouds drifting across the face of a mountain. I had a feeling of tremendous well-being to think that yes, the Milky Way is drifting past overhead. Yes, there is life and energy and Force in my beautiful stupid little cat. I don’t believe I “saw” the Force, simply that some part of my brain translated that connection in a visual way.

It was really nice. I would never “try” for it, but should it happen again I’ll be very happy.