The Saw – My First Sermon

The Force is the driver of change, change that never stops. Even at times of seeming inaction, the universe is moving, morphing, growing and decaying all around us. Sometimes this continual change can make our lives can feel like a pattern of light and dark, up and down, movement and stillness. We can feel thrown around by the changing weather of moods, and the great turbulence we sometimes perceive in the Force at times of real disturbance can even lead us to question if we are on the right path at all.

One of the main roles of Jedi is to increase harmony; to find synthesis between seemingly conflicting ideas. We take these back-and-forth extremes and find a harmonious middle ground.

My first sermon was published at my Temple, yesterday. It’s about working from the centre, and finding peace and solace within the ups and downs of life. Please have a look!