Hi, I’m Stu.

I believe all is one, and I call that “one” the Force.

Going a little deeper, I believe we’re each an integral part of a much larger, more mysterious whole. Within this vast system, each person treads their unique, necessary path. Our purpose as Jedi is not only to walk, but to tend this network of pathways; to aid those around us in walking their own paths, and to support the whole glorious tangle itself. My Jedi belief is tinged with more than a little Taoism, which I came to via Vaishnavism a decade ago.

My practice as a Jedi is built around a few cornerstones. Study of the Force, including study of other great traditions and thinkers. The practice of service, to support all who surround and all which surrounds us. The practice of meditation, to still our minds and better understand our transience. The practice of reflection, to find the lessons our paths offer, that we may travel a little better tomorrow. Oh and tea. Lots of tea.

I trained at the Temple of the Jedi Order starting in 2013. My time at the Temple was eventful and varied. I was apprenticed to Senior Knight V-Tog and Master Alexandre Orion, and held several clerical offices. I trained a number of Apprentices myself. I wrote some sermons, delivered some services, even taught (most of) a course. Above all I changed and grew more in my few years at the Temple than at any other point in my life. The insight and support the Temple’s diverse community have shown me makes me very proud to say I trained there.

Now, I break out alone.

I’m English, born in 1983 in a sleepy backwater of nowhere in particular. I’m the father of two incredible children, and hold a degree in Philosophy and English Literature. By day I’m a software tester, by night I’m a team leader at a homeless shelter. Travel is one of my strongest drives, to see a little more of this breathtaking world, and to become more whole as a human by encountering other lives, cultures and places. I enjoy writing poetry.

I like to help people. If there’s anything I can do for you, please ask.